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Tennis Elbow: Can Massage Therapy Help?

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

The short answer is yes! Contrary to popular belief, tennis elbow isn’t an inflammatory condition caused by tendon fiber tearing. We now have a better understanding of tendon physiology and the main issue seems to be collagen degeneration within the tendon. Specific massage techniques can help reduce pain, potentially encourage collagen rebuilding, and reduce tightness in the muscles involved. In his article for Bodysense Magazine, Whitney Lowe, a leader in the Orthopedic Massage field, explains how massage can be an effective treatment option for those suffering from tennis elbow. Read his article here.

At Momentum, we’re experienced in assessing and treating many common musculoskeletal conditions including tennis elbow. We find that many clients like to add Rocktape kinesio tape to their session, which helps to further support the bodywork and provide extra pain relief for up to 5 days post treatment. Rocktape is available as a $10 add on to any session.

Suggested Service: Mend | Medical Massage (30min) + Rocktape Kinesio Tape add on

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