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Wax Melts

100% Soy Wax Melts add addictive scents throughout your house or office.


Choose from the following blends:

FROSTED CINNAMON BUN | cinnamon, butter, sugar, buttercream

FARMHOUSE KITCHEN | crisp apple, sweet mangosteen, and tart grapefruit.

SPA WATER | refreshing green tea, lemon, and wild mint.

BARREL & BEAN | fresh coffee, rich bourbon, sweet butterscotch.

BANANA BREAD | warm banana, brown sugar, butter.

CASHMERE SWEATER | warm and cozy notes of cashmere, vanilla and musk.

FLANNEL | Soft masculine notes of ocean moss and vanilla.

OCTOBER MOON | Crisp, mysterious blend of lemon peel, red currant, apple and spices.

SAGED TO PERFECTION | White sage and lavender.

SWEATER WEATHER | Fresh air, spearmint, pine needles, winter berries, wood, moss, vanilla, musk.


Pickup one of our Mod Wax Warmers as well and you'll be all set to add new scents into your home!



Clean, conciously made products. Non-toxic, vegan, eco-friendly, and free of additives, stabilizers, dyes, and phthalates.

Wax Melts

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