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Handcrafted Journals

FLOURISH | Wellness Journal

A space for growth & inspiration. This journal was created to compliment our happiness journal. It is half the size to easily take with you on-the-go and is designed to help record your daily wellness, inspirations and thoughts.


  • the top half of the page has daily prompts for gratitude and inspiration.
  • be sure to list your "Why" in these sections to truly connect with your thoughts and feelings.
  • the middle section is a daily wellness tracker to record and visualize your positive habits.
  • the bottom half of the page it is a dot grid area to reflect on feelings or events
  • the back of the page is set up as a free write and doodling area.
  • the journal is undated so you can start at any point in the year.


JUST BREATHE | Anxiety Journal

A space to calm your mind & refocus your thoughts

This journal was created to compliment our happiness journal. It is half the size and is designed to help you overcome anxiety. It includes meditation and thought restructuring exercises to help calm your body and mind. These are the tools I use when I am having negative thoughts and heightened anxiety.


  • the beginning of the book takes you through a deep breathing meditation to help calm your body and mind.
  • the next section has a table set up to help target your anxiety triggers
  • the remainder of the pages are set up for thought restructuring
  • the top part of the page has a series of questions to help work through your thoughts.



This journal is meant to be a 5 minute daily journal that you can do in the evening to reflect on the good parts of your day so you are ready for a peaceful rest.


  • to get started, the first page prompts you to write your mantras, 5 things to quit, 5 things to remember (your truths, your core, the things that keep you centered) and your goals for the year. This page is a spot to look back on whenever you do not feel centered in your life, to guide you so you can remember your truths and the things that are important.
  • daily prompts: one thing you are grateful for and why plus three good things from the day and how they made you feel.

Handcrafted Journals

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