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Welcome to Momentum Massage & Wellness, where you will find the absolute best in therapeutic, medical, and sports massage & bodywork in Westchester County. We are a woman-owned small business and can't wait to share our expertise with you. Visit our cozy, boutique massage studio in Larchmont, NY and start your treatment journey with one of our professional and knowledgeable licensed therapists. 

We Believe
Our Practice Philosophy
We Believe

massage shouldn’t be considered just a luxury.

A Comprehensive Approach

combining a variety of soft tissue manipulation techniques to encourage the natural healing process and interrupt the pain cycle.

to incorporate massage therapy as an essential part of your health management routine through education and practice.

We Encourage You
Medical + Therapeutic Massage

together with self-care, can help address compensatory patterns, relieve persistent pain and discomfort, re-educate muscle memory, address overuse or sports injuries, and more.

We Aim

to improve your function, ease movement, and heighten your self-awareness so you can live a life you feel good about.

Our Work

supports and deepens the inherent resilience and adaptability of your body.

What to Expect

We work together to continually assess, treat, and reach your movement goals

  • The first session begins with an in-depth overview of your intake form to better understand your health history, identify areas of pain/dysfunction, and create an initial tailored treatment plan.

  • Muscle testing, postural and movement assessments and dynamic stretching may also be incorporated into your session to further inform your treatment.

  • Each session ends with a discussion of our findings where we share ideas on the root of the problem, make note of how your body responded to the work, offer education on anatomical structure and function, adjust your treatment plan/areas of focus for future sessions, and share self-care strategies. 

  • We encourage clients to express feedback in real-time during each session. This helps cultivate trust in the therapist-client relationship and facilitates open communication.

The Experience

We Believe in

Pain Free Therapy

Massage should be effective, not painful. Integrative Therapeutic and Medical Massage works with your nervous system to increase awareness and reinforce positive and healthy neuro-muscular and neuro-sensory connections.

We provide effective therapy that feels useful (sometimes referred to as "good pain"). We start with warming up the tissue and utilize various techniques to gradually work deeper layers, providing you with pain relief and longer-lasting effects. We avoid causing your body to jump or resist the work. When that happens, resistance is reinforced and protective factors (like guarding and muscle splinting) are encouraged.


Therapeutic and Medical Massage and Bodywork will help reduce muscle tension and pain and increase range of motion in a manner, and at a pace, which is comfortable for you. 

Conditions we Treat

Below are some of the most common conditions that we can confidently assess and treat at Momentum.

  • Pain/dysfunction (neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, back, hip, pelvis, knee, ankle)

  • Headaches

  • Rotator cuff dysfunction

  • Tendinitis/repetitive strain

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Nerve entrapment

  • Numbness/tingling

  • Low back pain

  • Postural imbalance

  • Range of motion/mobility issues

  • Sciatica/piriformis syndrome

  • Hip flexor/groin pain

  • SI joint dysfunction

  • IT Band syndrome

  • Shin splints

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Sprains/strains

       .... and more

This is just a short list, please visit our Services page for more information or send us a message if you have questions.

Conditions we treat

why momentum


Tailored Treatment Plans


Holistic &



Passionate & Dedicated


Educated & Certified



5-Star Ratings

Why Choose Momentum

We use 100% pure fractionated Coconut Oil. All natural, non-greasy and 100% unscented. Suitable for dry, itchy,

or sensitive skin.

Our hands & equipment are cleaned  with natural, hypoallergenic, 

non-toxic, and 

biodegradable cleaning products.

Our linens, towels, and blankets are washed after each client with naturally derived detergents that are safe for you and the environment.

Our intake process doesn't take time away from your therapy. Your time 

starts when you're

on the table.

Electronic intake

forms allow for a thorough assessment & review of your health information

prior to your session. 

Checkout is easy.

We accept cash, checks, all major 

credit cards, Apple and Android Pay. 

extensively certified

NYS Licensed Therapists

Kinesiology Tape Practitioner

Pregnancy Massage

Table Thai Massage

Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED

ICTA Cupping Therapist

Sarga Silks Barefoot Massage

Advanced Myofascial Techniques

Advanced Orthopedic Assessment 

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD-C)

Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Elissa Decker

Owner + Master Therapist


ABMP Professional Member

NYS LMT #028533

Elissa is a graduate of Cortiva Institute in Hoboken, NJ where she completed the Extended Professional Massage Therapy Program with over 1,000 hours of study. She has extensive hands-on education and training in anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, pathology, clinical orthopedic assessment, injury management, and the application of specific massage and bodywork techniques including myofascial release, sports, neuromuscular, dynamic cupping, and trigger point therapies.

Elissa strongly believes that no one should have to compromise their health or well-being. She exemplifies genuine curiosity and passion for helping others and has always been captivated by the power of the mind-body connection. She is dedicated to effectively demonstrating how massage and bodywork can address physical manifestations of stress, trauma, and injury. She welcomes the opportunity to build trusting therapeutic relationships with her clients to accomplish this goal.

Giselle is a graduate of the Swedish Institute in New York City, where she completed over 1,200 hours of study in Massage Therapy. She is also a Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist (MLD-C) and is on her way to Certification in Sarga Silks Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage. She has hands-on education and training in anatomy & physiology, kinesiology, neurology, pathology, and a variety of therapeutic treatment techniques for soft tissue conditions. 

Whether you are looking for a brief retreat from the hustle and bustle of New York living or are a competitive athlete seeking faster recovery and injury prevention, Giselle aims to provide the most effective treatment for every client. By utilizing her intake and 

assessment skills, she has the unique ability to tailor each session using an intuitive combination of Swedish strokes, Deep Tissue techniques, Myofascial Release,

and Trigger Point Therapy.


Giselle Guadalupe

Lead Therapist + MLD-C

Illustrated Mint

AMTA Professional Member

NYS LMT #031643

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