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We Believe
  • Feb 26, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
    Momentum Massage & Wellness, 2039 Palmer Ave, Suite 103 Larchmont, NY 10538, USA
    Join us at Momentum Massage & Wellness for the perfect partner course! Learn massage techniques you can use at home for common pain areas: neck, shoulders, back, and feet, plus partner stretches. Join us for one of our classes on 2/26 or 3/18.
Our Practice Philosophy
We Believe

massage shouldn’t be considered just a luxury.

A Comprehensive Approach

combining a variety of soft tissue manipulation techniques to encourage the natural healing process and interrupt the pain cycle.

to incorporate massage therapy as an essential part of your health management routine through education and practice.

We Encourage You
Medical + Therapeutic Massage

together with self-care, can help address compensatory patterns, relieve persistent pain and discomfort, re-educate muscle memory, address overuse or sports injuries, and more.

We Aim

to improve your function, ease movement, and heighten your self-awareness so you can live a life you feel good about.

Our Work

supports and deepens the inherent resilience and adaptability of your body.

What to Expect

We work together to continually assess, treat, and reach your movement goals

  • The first session begins with an in-depth overview of your intake form to better understand your health history, identify areas of pain/dysfunction, and create an initial tailored treatment plan.

  • Muscle testing, postural and movement assessments and dynamic stretching may also be incorporated into your session to further inform your treatment.

  • Each session ends with a discussion of our findings where we share ideas on the root of the problem, make note of how your body responded to the work, offer education on anatomical structure and function, adjust your treatment plan/areas of focus for future sessions, and share self-care strategies. 

  • We encourage clients to express feedback in real-time during each session. This helps cultivate trust in the therapist-client relationship and facilitates open communication.

The Experience