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Rooted Herbal Candles


The quiet has started to lift. The energy that once felt draining is now uplifting. The movement that was once slowed has begun to move a little faster. Everything around you is awakening. The awakening of ambition, growth and  new beginnings are upon us. The warmth and light that lingers a little longer is starting to make its way to your core.  Feel this light bring you your strength, endurance, creativity and abundance. You are awake now. An awakening blend of non toxic, natural fragrances and essential oils of arabica bean, tonka bean, vanilla and bourbon. 



Frosted Cottage coconut and soy wax candles feature an untreated crackling wood wick, and a seasonal blend of essential oils and natural fragrances of orange peel, cinnamon, clove, pine, spruce, cedar, and amber. Topped with cinnamon chips, pine needles and clear quartz. 



100% natural blend of soy and coconut wax, untreated crackling wood wick, natural fragrances and essential oils of birch, spruce  dragons blood and smoke to help invoke the full moon magic. Topped with crystals of quartz to strengthen your alignment of your higher self, Gold sheen obsidian to help absorb negative energy from the environment, and helps to dissolve blocks for manifesting your desires and dreams, and labrodite to unite all chakras, develop spiritual power and physic awarenesses. 

Rooted Herbal Candles

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