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Clay Face Masks
Clay Masks available in 3 different blends. 

Skin beautifying and pore clearing. Bentonite clay absorbs toxins, oil, and dirt while stimulating and improving blood circulation while dried lavender buds infused with Frankincense essential oil clarify and calm the skin. 

Combination of ultra fine Himalayan sea salt, bentonite clay, and organic chamomile blossoms will exfoliate the surface of your skin while clearing up pores and improving the appearance of your skin. 

Our black as night detox clay mask is a custom blend of toxin-removing activated charcoal, pore clearing bentonite clay, and exfoliating chamomile blossoms to clean out, clear out, and calm troubled skin. 

How to Use: Mix 1t - 1/2T of dry mask with 1T of our Aloe & Rosewater mask mixer (or apple cider vinegar, chilled tea, Greek yogurt, or plain old water) to form a loose paste. Apply to skin and allow to dry. Rinse with warm water. 

This item includes 1, 2oz jar of the clay mask of your choice and a 1 oz bottle of our Aloe & Rose Water Mask Mixer.

Clay Face Masks

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