Please read through our policies below. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not abide by our policies or sign our intake and consent form. 

Thrive sessions utilize soothing and Therapeutic Deep Tissue techniques combined with passive stretches and heat therapy to address both superficial & deep layers of muscle and connective tissue.

Relieve persistent muscle tension and stiffness, reduce pain, and improve range of motion.


deep tissue

Create more space and reinforce healthy neuronal connections in your fascia, muscles & joints.

Move sessions combine traditional Thai techniques with broad and targeted pressure and stretching to relieve pain, restore muscle balance, and increase flexibility and range of motion. Stretching also enhances the mind-body connection and prolongs and supports your bodywork sessions. Wear comfortable fitness attire.

stretch & table thai


Prenatal massage utilizes Swedish, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release to promote relaxation and address common concerns such as fatigue, back & hip pain, sciatica/piriformis syndrome, calf cramps, muscle dysfunction due to postural changes & more. Adjustable, supportive side-lying cushions ensure safe and comfortable positioning. 

A natural complement to your prenatal care with support through every trimester.

Improve sleep, decrease pain & swelling, ease muscle tension, improve posture & promote overall wellness of mom & baby. 



Momentum's signature massage targets soft tissue dysfunction by utilizing postural assessment, range of motion testing, special muscle tests, and specific treatment protocols. We choose from Deep Tissue, Sports, Orthopedic, Myofascial & Neuromuscular treatment protocols combined with trigger point therapy, active & passive muscle engagement, and heat/ice therapy to address specific concerns. 

Decrease chronic pain & inflammation, restore mobility,

re-educate neurosensory connections, and facilitate recovery from postural imbalance, repetitive strain, overuse & more.


medical & sports

Cupping therapy combines specific  massage and suction to decompress and lift the skin, fascia, layers of muscle, and connective tissue. Cups are positioned over areas of chronic tightness and limited range of motion to encourage the release of lymph and cellular debris. Cupping can be added to any session for $10. 

Encourage proper muscle tone, relieve pain, break up stubborn adhesions, increase circulation, sedate the nervous system & promote relaxation.


cupping massage

Essential for any mom, Postnatal sessions help facilitate proper pelvic

realignment, reduce muscle tension, promote fascial mobilization & calm the nervous system as your body slowly shifts into its pre-pregnancy form. Musculoskeletal conditions that are being made worse such as neck & back pain, sports injuries, strain caused by repetitive motion of carrying a baby & breastfeeding can also be addressed.

Adjust to the physical & emotional demands of caring for a newborn. Rebalance structure, physiology & emotions up to 8 weeks postpartum.


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  • Main Entrance: take the stairs or elevator to the lower level, Suite D.

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